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Our responsibility towards the community is unlimited. Like our homes.

Pioneering the concept of anti-matchbox spaces, we've built homes that are unlimited in their approach. And we've been doing what we love for a little over 28 years. Building homes hasn't been our only passion though. In the last 28 years , we've also given back to the society that has given us so much. Truth be told, our responsibility of giving has been unlimited, like our homes.

Our mission has always been to put our values and ethics above the bottom line. And, more importantly to put people before profit. This people focused attitude all our business practices and extends to our endeavours outside business as well.

Which is why we take our corporate social responsibility as seriously as our commitment to the real estate industry.

Nature CSR Activities - Chartered Housing


We have always done our bit towards protecting the environment in all our projects. We have planned and ...
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Rural CSR Activities - Chartered Housing

Rural Populace

Farmers are the lifeline of our country. Which is why we have provided health and accident insurance to hundreds of them ...
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Education CSR Activities - Chartered Housing


We have always recognised that Education is powerful tool that helps facilitates great change in personal lives as well ...
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Medicine CSR Activities - Chartered Housing

Medical and Health

Man's true wealth is only health. That's the first prerequisite for success in any endeavour and we recognise that ...
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Culture CSR Activities - Chartered Housing


As Thomas Wolfe said, "Culture is the arts elevated to a set of beliefs." These set of beliefs form the very backbone of our society ...
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Children CSR Activities - Chartered Housing

The Premaanjali Foundation

'Premaanjali' which means 'an offering of love' is a foundation dedicated to transforming the lives of homeless and ...
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Children CSR Activities - Chartered Housing


Our contributions cannot be confined to a particular category or cause. We have focused on society as a whole and are doing what ...
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