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Moving into a new home, especially in a city like Bangalore with rising real estate prices, is a dream come true for many. So if you have been saving up for a long time and are on the hunt for the perfect luxury flats in Bangalore, here’s a carefully compiled list of things you must look out for in your new home! It is important to check every single minute detail while apartment hunting. You certainly wouldn’t like buying a home that is only going to cost you more for repairs. Many people miss out on thorough quality checks while searching for a new apartment and end up with more problems than they could hope to solve. Making mistakes or overlooking a detail could cost you valuable time and money later on.
So here are 3 very important details that you must not fail to check before buying your new home.

1) The Flooring
It can be quite surprising how many people miss out on checking the most important detail in their home which is- the floor! If you have a tiled floor, you have to be extracareful whilechecking for cracks or overlapping tiles. Sometimes there could be paint spots left behind that could mar the beauty of your new home. And don’t forget to check the flooring in the bathrooms. It is essential that a gradient is maintained to ensure draining of water and the gap between the floor and the edge of the door is neither too much or too less. These are minute details that people tend to overlook but could cause problems later on.

2) Walls
Check every wall in your new home to ensure there are no cracks in the cementing. This can often be faintly seen as thin lines through the paint. The finishing of the paint work must be smooth and consistent throughout. At times, few walls could be a shade lighter than the rest because of improper mixing of paint. Don’t forgetto check this detail as it may look unsightly later. If you have young children, find out if the paint that has been used has lead or any other chemical that is dangerous if ingested. If you have wooden paneling in your home then you must check for loose boards that might creak or show signs of being rotten.

3) Electricity 
You can’t do without electricity and sometime people forget to check the switches. This is one important detail that people miss out on and could cause irritation later. Check every switch for loose connections and stray wires. Make sure none of the lights throw sparks either. Carry a small appliance and plug it in to check the power point for proper functionality. If you notice some loose ends here and there make sure you talk to your real estate developer and get them fixed. Open up the fuse box to ensure there aren’t any damaged switches and the box is completely water proof. These are three very important details that you mustn’t miss out on while looking for your 2 bhk apartment in Bangalore.

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