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Sustainability has become a trend you can’t afford to not follow nowadays. Everything, from the fashion industry to architecture, are using innovative methods that help reduce the carbon footprint. With non-renewable resources depleting at frightening rates, it is time we try our best to reduce wastage and contribute as much as we can through eco-friendly initiatives.

It is not possible to make your home completely sustainable, in a way where it depends completely on available natural resources and doesn’t have any effect on the environment.
However, there are many measures you can take to reduce your carbon footprint and make your home as sustainable as possible, especially when you live in a city like Bangalore with a constantly burgeoning population.

Here are 5 cost-effective methods to make your home as sustainable as possible:

1) Focus on your garden/yard
If you own a villa or are looking to invest in a villa in Bangalore, you could make your backyard as eco-friendly as possible. Don’t use pesticides or chemicals on your lawn. Don’t discard leaves rather make a compost pile. This way you can make your soil naturally rich and healthy. Add the kitchen waste to this compost and as a result you will get the perfect fertiliser. You could even use this compost for a kitchen garden and grow your own organic and fresh vegetables!

2) Reduce, Reduce and Reduce
Reducing the wastage of natural resources is probably the best way to make your home as sustainable as possible. Install low flow shower heads and low flow toilet flushes. Use the shower instead of the bathtub and help save gallons of water. You can also opt for lighting that uses less energy. Use rechargeable batteries for your gadgets and reduce harmful toxic waste. Ask your real estate developer or interior designer to include as many windows and sky lights as possible. This help you use the natural daylight for lighting up your home. Sunlight is also considered very beneficial for health.

3) Building Materials
Ask your builder to choose non-toxic building materials and to source the material locally. This helps reduce the transportation cost as well as resultant pollution. Most environment friendly products come with the Environment Choice tick of approval. Add insulation to walls and floors to save on heating. If you live in a arid region where the temperature remains moderate for most of the year, go for wooden flooring instead of concrete blocks that absorb heat.

4) Large Electrical Appliances
Large electrical appliances like the washing machine, dryer and fridge use up a lot of electricity. This is more likely if you are using an old model. Buying a new one that come with a Energy Star label is a smart investment for the long run as it tends to cut down your electricity bills. Even smaller appliances like Laptops and Mobiles when kept switched off when not in use, can help conserve energy. As much as possible, try to limit the usage of washing machines and dryers in the evenings or nights. These appliances generate a lot of heat and this could make your home more heated causing you to crank up your air conditioner. Using them in the night can help you avoid unnecessary overheating in your home.

5) Solar Replacements for electricity
You could also improve the efficiency of your water heating system by choosing solar heaters. Water heaters use up a lot of energy. Solar replacements can cut costs as well as help save precious electricity. You could even invest in solar panels to generate electricity as well. Solar panels might be slightly expensive but in the long run, they can be extremely cost efficient by cutting your electricity bills. If you live in an apartment or you are looking out for a 2BHK apartment in Bangalore, you could always ask your real estate developer to install solar energy replacements for water heating.

These methods are great ways to make sure your home is sustainable, eco-friendly and also cost efficient. This helps not only the environment, but also your pocket by cutting your costs. You could find many more such methods if you do some research. So go ahead and make your home, a green home!

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