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Over the years, lifestyles have evolved. So has the idea of living spaces. Gone are the days when living spaces meant mere spaces where one lived. Today, living spaces are about living. And playing. And relaxing. And rejoicing. And what not. As the need for better and enhanced lifestyles has been rising, what’s also been rising is the desire to indulge in more options.
Something only the best of homes with the best of amenities can make possible.

Today, whether you’re buying a 1, 2 or 3 BHK apartment in Kanakapura Road, Koramangala or any other area in Bangalore, you need to make sure the home you’re living in has something for everyone when it comes to amenities. Simply because every age group has a different requirement to indulge in.

Though amenities can’t be measured in terms of what’s the right number and what’s not, the ‘more the merrier’ rule certainly applies to them. Because more amenities don’t only give you options to choose from but cater to the different needs of different age groups.

Here’s what you must look out for when choosing an apartment (We’re talking only about amenities). The more you’re able to tick, the better it gets for you.

CHILDREN’S PLAY AREA: If you want your children to stay away from play stations and the incessant cartoons, you need to live in a home that has a play area. Rest assured, the way they think of entertainment will change.

WALKWAYS: Bangalore has lost its charm. Traffic, pollution et al. But for you, let it come alive as you walk in harmony with nature without a single horn blaring.

SWIMMING POOL: From a relaxing point of view or from a health point of view, a swimming pool just works. Besides, summers can be dealt with ease. Quite frankly, there’s nothing as invigorating as a plunge in the pool.
For you and for your kids.

JOGGING TRACK: Morning meetings and evening deadlines never give you the time to jog. And stepping out for a jog in the night isn’t a good idea. So, why not jog where you live. Makes it easy and safe. You agree?

CLUBHOUSE: Living life in the fast line means there’s hardly any time for life. But this shouldn’t stop you from letting your hair down during a party or just socializing to have a good time. Wish to break the monotony and make life exciting even during tight schedules? A clubhouse is the answer.

GYM: A workout doesn’t work out in today’s times. Says who? Busy or not, having a gym close by, in fact in your apartment premises, makes it a possibility for you to achieve good health.

GARDENS: Give the future generation a feel of the real Garden City. Let them know how the city was once upon a time. And how they can revel in the luxury of green spaces, even today.

INDOOR GAMES & OUTDOOR GAMES: Dunk a few or ping pong a few. You can do it with ease when there’s a host of indoor and outdoor games made available to you when you come back home.

Well, more could be added to the list of amenities, but these are a few you must look out for. And like we said earlier, with amenities its always the more, the merrier.

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