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India Inc. has seen phenomenal growth in the last two decades. Technology, media, movies, art and tourism are some areas that have contributed significantly to the growth of the world’s biggest democracy, making it a preferred destination for many. While the country has welcomed people from across the world with open arms, Indians have always felt at home. However, in comparison to other metros and thriving cities of the country, Bangalore has been at the top when it comes to hospitality. Here’s what works in favour of the city for those who wish to come, explore and if all goes well, make it their home.

Nothing beats the city’s salubrious climate. The winters are cold and summers warm, but it’s never the extremes. In comparison to most cities that see soaring temperatures and difficult-to-live-in-conditions during summer, Bangalore is quite a refreshing change. As for winters, you’ll never find yourself freezing in the silicon valley. To cut a long story short, Bangalore maintains a perfect equilibrium when it comes to weather conditions.

Cosmopolitan crowd:
A ‘mixed bag’ is the best way to define the inhabitants of this wonderful city. And when you have people from all over the world, you’re sure to find your kind of crowd. What’s more, with a diverse populace making the city their home, you’ll never have to worry about food, communication or safety. Feel at home when you live in a city that’s so cosmopolitan.

Information Technology:
The IT scene in Bangalore has contributed significantly to the growth of Bangalore. From a financial perspective and otherwise. Which is why today there’s no dearth of anything in the city. In fact, Bangalore and its offerings in terms of art, entertainment, culture, et al, is on par with any global city. And that’s another reason for the world to call it ‘home’.

Work-life balance:
A thriving city that takes its work very seriously, Bangalore is also known for its borderline laid-back culture which does wonders for many. The city’s culture ensures that everyone is able to discover work-life balance – something that other cities seem to have lost long back.

Bangalore is home to many, yet there are many who look forward to settling down in this beautiful city. If you’re one among them, be assured that you can find 2BHK and 3BHK flats in Bangalore that are affordable yet spell luxury.

Welcome home.

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