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The Silicon Valley of India has seen tremendous development over the recent past, owing to the rapid expansion brought about by the I.T revolution. The city has expanded in every direction, and areas that were considered outskirts are now key parts of the main city. Take Electronic City for example. The I.T boom saw a number of companies set up headquarters here, causing the real estate market to pay attention as well. Houses and townships came up near Electronic City and the adjoining areas, and the area attracted a large number of people who wanted to live close to their workplace. Similarly, areas like Whitefield and Indiranagar developed after people starting moving and settling down there.

So how has this rapid urban expansion affected the city? It has been said that Bangalore has lost a lot of greenery, thanks to the rapid construction. Lakes have been filled up to reclaim land, upon which huge sprawling townships have been erected. Modern architectural marvels dominate a skyline once dotted by trees. How is this affecting the city? While it is true that the city has seen a marked decrease in its flora, there are a number of initiatives that are trying to save its greenery. There are a few initiatives that are concerned with the saving of our green canopies in the city. Similarly other ventures continue to work towards saving the greenery that this city is famous for.

In the face of rapid urbanization, is there still a quiet spot, a nice and peaceful place to live? Although most residential plots in Bangalore are located in the centre of the city, there are others a little further away.

Travel to Nelamangala, and you will immediately notice the abundance of greenery around. Situated at an altitude of 882 meters, it is immediately recognizable by wide roads and a lot of open spaces. Nelamangala is where the air becomes noticeably cleaner, thanks to the lesser number of vehicles in the area, as well as the presence of healthy foliage all around.

Notice any residential plots in Nelamangala for sale, and you will be taken aback by the amount of space, and the convenience offered. Being a little far from the centre of the city definitely has its advantages. The atmosphere is less polluted, and quality of life is great. Whether for residential or investment purposes, purchasing a plot in Nelamangala is a prudent decision indeed. Visit this beautiful green locale, and take in the cool atmosphere and experience an unmistakable calm.