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One looks into a number of things while investing in a house – the cost, the area, the surroundings and whether or not it is vastu-compliant. So what exactly is vastu shastra and how can it benefit the home that you live in? We can explain.

Vastu shastra is a traditional Hindu system of building which literally translates to the “science of architecture”. In fact, people across the world have now begun understanding the importance of this system in order to ensure a perfectly balanced home – a home that invites positive energies and helps keep out any negative energies.

Ensure healthy, happy and positive vibes for yourself and your family and if you’re looking to buy apartments in Bangalore, we suggest they meet the following vastu criterion:

1. Make sure the entrance of the house is located either towards the north or the north-east as it is the ideal direction for sunlight coming into the house. The house should have a good amount of natural light.

2. The house should have a very good ventilation system. Therefore it is ideal for it to have either a north or an east-facing balcony.

3. Bedrooms in a vastu-compliant home should be located in the south, south-west or the west. Any other direction might invite problems such as sleeplessness, anxiety and short-temperedness.

4. The kitchen is said to be governed by the ‘Aagneya’ or the fire element and as such, it should be located in the south-east corner of a house.

5. The location of the bathrooms in a house should be either in the southern or the south-west corner of the house, in order to ensure proper ventilation and an infection-free atmosphere

6. A staircase in the middle of the house is not advisable as it would not only block the incoming sunlight but also make the house seem congested.

7. The living room should be ideally located in the centre of the house so as to let the natural light come inside and ensure a positive environment.

Apart from just deciding on the right house to buy, you can work towards making a vastu-compliant home by choosing the ideal placement of furniture in different rooms of the house. Not only that, it is best to refrain from using oddly shaped furniture – square and rectangular shaped furniture is a yes but triangular or circular shaped furniture is a no. You should also make sure that the furniture does not stick to the wall. There must be breathing space for the positive energies to flow smoothly.

Chartered Housing is among the top property developers in Bangalore and all the homes we construct abide by the vastu-shastra ensuring that our buyers not only reside but prosper in whichever property they choose to invest in.

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