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Smart home technology is yet to catch on in most parts of India but you might do well to invest in such technology before the demand causes a rise in its cost. And rise it will, because most of us are already addicted to smart phone apps and the convenience it provides us. If you live in Bangalore, Delhi or any of the metropolitan cities, you must have already become used to calling for cabs and food through an app like Uber or Swiggy. Then, controlling the gates and the temperature in your home through an app is just progression of the same kind. The kind of convenience these gadgets afford you cannot be measured. The possibilities of such technology are endless and you could even let people into your home when you aren’t there, clean your house from miles away and monitor your kids or pets through your phone.

Now you need not spend sleepless nights when you are away holidaying about the safety of your home or about electricity bills. You don’t have to break your head trying to remember if you switched off all the lights before you left for to catch that plane at the last minute. All will be taken care of by gadgets that are connected to your phone!
We have put together a list of few of the most popular smart home gadgets of 2017 to make things easier for you.

1) Surveillance and Security Cameras:
Surveillance cameras have been popular for a long time. But these are not your run of the mill cameras. Companies have developed cameras that are weatherproof, completely wireless and have audio capabilities as well. Some of the devices come with an app and you can monitor activity inside and outside your house from wherever you are. The security cameras can be integrated to your smart hub and other devices as well. With the option of automatic cloud storage, you don’t have to worry about storage space either.

2) Smart LED Bulbs: 
Yes, you read that right, there are smart LED bulbs as well. These bulbs like Philips’ Hue White product allows you to control the brightness of the bulb and comes with a hub that provides a common connection to other devices in your home as well. These bulbs can come in handy and have multiple uses. Now, you can set the brightness according to your preference in your room or in your hallway. Dim it down when you watch a movie and brighten it up when you are working on something! So if you are planning to buy a new home anytime soon, make sure you speak to your real estate developer in Bangalore or any other city to install lighting fixtures that support smart LED bulbs!

3) Speakers:
You might be wondering why anybody would invest in making a speaker smart. Get prepared to be surprised when you know the number pf uses you can out a smart speaker to! The Amazon Echo is a bluetooth speaker but it has a wide number of other features that make to one of the most popular smart home devices of this year. The Echo is voice-activated and can be connected to most smart home hubs. It can check the weather, play audiobooks, do your online shopping and play your favourite songs, all by just listening to you! And if you were wondering, it has great speaker quality too!

You must have gotten a fair idea of the potential of these smart home devices. If you want to buy a luxury apartment in Bangalore or Delhi for example, getting your new home optimised for these devices might be a very good idea. This will take your experience of luxury to the next level!

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