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For most people, buying their dream home often marks the start of an important phase in their lives. Transitioning from a home-renter to a home-owner is not easy. Years of saving, and a lot of research goes into selecting a dream home, one that you and your family can cherish for many years to come.
Buying a home in Bangalore, is a major decision. There are a lot of projects, most from established builders, that you can choose from. The top builders in Bangalore have constructed some of the most iconic residential apartments that dot the city’s skyline today.

Looking to buy a home in the Silicon Valley of India? A wise decision, considering that the city is peaceful, from a living point of view, and the real estate market is healthy, from an investment point of view. While buying your first home can be a fun and learning experience, it can also be daunting and painful. It is easy to make mistakes, and silly, unnecessary mistakes could cost you a lot. The following checklist makes it easier, when you are planning to invest in your dream home.

1. Always use your head, and don’t make impulsive decisions. Don’t be afraid to disregard bad deals, or deals that sound too good to be true. Remember, there will be other properties to look at, and invest in. This is after all a financial transaction, and your terms should be met. Do not make hasty, impulsive decisions based on half-baked reasoning.

2. Ensure you choose a good location, and research the particular locality where you are planning to invest. Check whether the area has good connectivity, and whether the locality has the potential of developing further, in terms of social infrastructure, connectivity, etc.

3. Gauge the reputation of the builder, by reading reviews that earlier home buyers have posted about them. Verify the quality of construction, the rate of capital appreciation, and whether the builder delivers projects on time.

4. Check the builder’s tie-ups with banks. This is especially helpful if you are considering a home loan. While most established builders have a steady, working relationship with banks, others do not. Make sure your builder can help you in case you are looking for the appropriate finance for your home.

5. Many builders today offer lucrative schemes, when you buy apartments from them. From free modular kitchens to even cars, builders are offering great deals. Be sure, however, to insist on a cash discount. Do remember that the cost of free gifts are factored into the cost for the house, so ask for a cash discount instead of a freebie.

It is important to do your research before investing in the property of your choice. Chartered Housing has residential apartments, villas and plots, located in the best parts of town. Move into luxury apartments, or spacious villas. Invest in a plot of your choice. Experience luxury living and peace of mind, when you buy your dream house from Chartered Housing.

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