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It is a heart-warming experience when children start crawling. It’s wonderful to see them enjoy their independence and explore their surroundings. However, their haphazard wandering and continually active minds can also serve as a recipe for disaster.

A study by WHO published in 2012 revealed that accidental injury resulted in the deaths of approximately 6 lakh children aged 5 and below. In India, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Before your little one starts roaming around the house, childproof your home to avoid any disasters.

Some tips you can use to protect your baby from danger are:

• Socket Covers: Electrical sockets are quite amusing to toddlers. They like to try and insert their tiny fingers in the sockets, which can lead to electrocution. Socket covers are the perfect solution.

• Multi-purpose latches: As the baby becomes more inquisitive, he or she will start opening drawers. Multi-purpose latches will ensure that your bedside drawers, kitchen cabinets, dressers and TV consoles are safe from the baby’s curious hands.

• Door protectors: Apartments for sale in Bangalore usually do not have door protectors. Clipped to the edge of the door, door protectors prevent the doors from slamming and harming the baby’s hands or legs. If you’re worried about the hinges pinching the baby’s little fingers, hinge protectors can also be installed.

• Edge protectors: Attaching edge protectors to low beds, wooden and glass tables, and sofas can protect the baby’s body, when they try to grasp the edges or bump into the furniture. Edge protectors are of two types. The first one is in the form of a roll that can be used to cover the entire area. The second one is available in sets of four and only covers the corners. While it may not prevent a fall, it will make sure that there is no grievous injury to the baby.

• Safety gates: Many luxury flats in Bangalore have staircases, which makes safety gates essential. Two of these will be needed – one to be placed on top of the stairs, and one at the bottom. Safety gates can also be used to keep your baby out of rooms that are off-limits.

• Poisons: All chemical solutions, cleaning supplies, and poisonous substances should be kept in a locked cabinet and out of reach of children. Even detergents, soaps, and shampoos should be beyond reach. If you have plants, keep the baby from accessing them, as they love playing with mud and might swallow it.

• Faucet covers: Faucet covers are used to cover the tap where the water comes out. They are rubber covers that are soft to the touch and prevent your baby from bumping his head on the hard faucet. Apart from the faucets, the bathroom has a lot of other hazards. The baby should never be left unattended in the bathroom, as babies and children can drown in as little as 5 cm of water.

• Fire alarms: Domestic fires pose a definite threat to the safety of your children. Ensure that the fire and smoke alarms installed are functioning effectively. Cigarettes should be put out completely and disposed of properly. Lit agarbattis, candles, and diyas must be kept away from the baby.

There are quite a lot of things required to baby-proof your home. To completely childproof the house, just look around you and make a list of potentially unsafe objects, and take steps to replace or modify them. Though babies need to be kept safe at all times, let your child make the most of his or her newfound independence.

When you move into a Chartered Housing apartment, be rest assured, that the house can be fitted with appropriate childproofing equipment. Which is essential, especially since your active toddler will crawl, and eventually run around the house. Keep your home safe, and your mind at ease.

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