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More often than not, surprises and boxes are correlated – a chocolate box, a jewellery box or even a gift box, for instance. Rarely do you come across surprises minus the box. Except when it’s a home.

We believe homes that are boxes confine you. In fact, homes should have space for everything. And anything. Including FAMILY TIME. Because the world and era we live in, gives us little or no time for ourselves, forget about sharing a moment with our loved ones. Hectic work schedules, chock-a-block traffic, long hours of commuting, and above all, lack of interior and exterior spaces, leave us trapped in our individual worlds. Here’s how you can connect with your loved ones (on a daily basis) and surprise them without disrupting your well charted-out schedule. Choose a home that offers:

Ample space
Inside as well as outside. It’s these spaces that allow you to bond with your family. A living room with abundant space could easily turn into a stadium of sorts, giving your family a chance to indulge in a game of cricket without really stepping outdoors. Even lush green parks and a considerable amount of open area pave the way for walks, conversations, morning jogs, birdwatching, and in the bargain, give you moments to connect with your dear ones.

Proximity to work
Choosing a home that’s close to work is one of the most important decisions you’ll be taking in your life. As commuting consumes a major part of your time. Leaving that aside, commuting for long hours leaves one fatigued and exasperated. Something your little ones don’t expect from you, when you’re back home.

Children’s play area
A dedicated play area for toddlers and children, makes life a breeze. Because when children go to play, they are accompanied by parents. Reason enough for them to bond with one another.

Close to educational institutions
Everything feels perfect when your little one rushes into your arms with a smile on the face. That’s the benefit of living close to recognized schools and colleges. No matter how much or how little the kids have accomplished in school, they’ll look fresh as daisies.

Well thought-out spaces
It’s not just interiors or the location that make a home perfect. Other factors contribute as well. What we believe is, every aspect and facet of a home needs to be well thought-out, so you get an excuse to bond and not a reason to stay away from one another. Succinctly put, live outside the box.

Live in a world of surprises.

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