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There is no place like home. It is where the heart is. Home is a place where you can be yourself, and feel safe and secure. However, what will you do if the safety of your home and your loved ones is compromised?

To make sure that your home stays secure and protected, here are a few devices that can help.

1. Security Cameras: The first step people take towards protecting their home is setting up cameras. With smaller and smarter cameras available every day, you can choose one that is perfect for you. There are even cameras with facial recognition available, so that you can control who enters and leaves your home.

2. Digital Peephole: Scan your visitors on an LCD screen mounted near your door. Instead of getting a constrained view through a traditional peephole, you have a complete view of the hallway, or the driveway.

Motion Sensors: For someone who wants to keep a close eye on the security of their own home, motion sensors are the perfect solution. Any movement will send a notification to your phone, or activate an alarm. This is perfect for villas that are expansive and have large gardens and lawn areas. If you’re considering buying a villa in Bangalore, make sure you have a motion sensor installed.

4. Dog Alarms: If you don’t have a ferocious dog protecting your home, have no worries! You can scare away intruders with barking dog alarms that operate on radar technology. There is a set of barking sounds provided, and you can choose one that you like!

5. Yard Cameras: If you have a luxury villa in Electronic City, then you definitely have a backyard, and a garage. Make sure that you have cameras installed in these places, as they are usually targeted by burglars. All the blind spots must be covered.

6. Leave the TV on: Leaving the TV on can fool a burglar into thinking that someone in the house in indulging in late-night TV. Now, you can even get gadgets that give outsiders the illusion of the TV being on. This is done by using a series of LED images, which are projected on the walls and windows of your home. These gadgets can be used in the nighttime, or when you are away from the house, running errands. It can be set by using the help of a timer.

7. Smart Locks: This is the era of fancy digital locks. Compatible with all smartphones and tablets, these locks can be installed on your main door or gate. With preinstalled cameras, you can take a look at whoever’s at the door. Your door can also be unlocked with your phone, eliminating the need to walk up to the door all the time. These locks can be unlocked with a security code, or a fingerprint.

With these varied and ingenious products available in the market, keeping your home safe and protected is easier than ever before. Make sure you invest in a good home, in a safe locality and in one of the prime locations of Bangalore.

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