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Investing in a home is a choice everyone wants to make, as it comes with a lifetime of happiness. But there’s another side to this, as investing in a home is also the beginning of a whole lot of confusion. One of them is making a choice between a good home and a good location. Which one is more important? Which should you choose first? What if the home is good and the location is a bit far? What if you find your dream villa in Electronic City, while you work in Indiranagar?

Considering the changing times, development in many sectors (transportation included), and flexibility in work-style, living a few kilometres away from where you originally planned to, is no big deal today. And this is only if you discover the home of your dreams. Allow us to explain.

Metro: Namma Metro is changing everything for the citizens of Bangalore. Consider this – the Metro takes about 10 odd minutes to cover the distance between Byappanahalli and Mahatma Gandhi Road, which is roughly 10 km. A distance that would easily take 20 minutes to cover by road, and if peak hours are taken into consideration, then 30-40 minutes. So, choose the home of your dreams and leave the rest to Namma Metro.

Work flexibility: It began with the IT sector and soon many followed suit. Today, most companies are offering work-from-home options considering the distance, traffic jams and other issues. If work gets done from home, nothing really matters and that’s the mantra. So, if your dream home is a little away from your workplace, it really doesn’t make a lot of difference. We have a choice when it comes to work, don’t we?

International schools: Gone are the days when four locales shared the benefit of having one reputed international school close by. Today, almost every locale has an international school and that’s good enough reason for you to choose among the best of villas in Bangalore first and school next, not vice-versa.

Commercially self-sufficient: The growth Bangalore has seen, especially in the last decade, is tremendous. Commercially and otherwise. Step out and you’ll see every locale has its own supermarkets, coffee shops, hospitals, schools, clinics, etc. Which only means that every location is good enough from a self-sufficiency stand-point. All that you need to do is choose a home that you’ll be happy to live in. Leave the rest to your surroundings.

Make the most of the changing times, and give yourself and your family a home where every moment spent will be cherished forever.

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