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The earth’s surface is seventy-one percent water, and only twenty-nine percent land. Since more than half the world is covered with water, knowing how to swim can be an important ability. Also, the only way to know if your child is the next Michael Phelps is to convince them to take a leap into the water.

There are many advantages to having fun with the waves. Some of them are:

1. Save lives: With so much of the planet’s surface being covered with water, everyone will find themselves near a body of water at one point or another. Swimming makes sure that you will be able to handle yourself in water, whether you are relaxing near a swimming pool, or aboard a cruise. It can also help you save the lives of others, who might be in danger. With drowning being the second major cause of death in India, you can use your skills to rescue someone who is in peril.

2. Stay fit: Are your kids spending their time at home with their nose glued to the TV? Swimming is a low-impact, physical activity that gets them out of the house. Without even realising it, they get to exercise as well as have fun. Learning how to swim improves their coordination, increases their stamina, stabilises their balance, develops their posture, and keeps their heart and lungs healthy.

3. Life skill: Like cycling, swimming is a skill rarely forgotten. Once proficient, your child will always know how to swim. Swimming is also an important skill to know if you want to apply to the Navy, or if you want to dip your toe in the pool of recreational water sports. These sports include surfing, kayaking, scuba diving, and snorkelling. Unlike contact sports, swimming is a lifelong sport, one which you will never need to ‘retire’ from.

4. Confidence and Self-Esteem: Learning how to swim can increase a child’s confidence in the water, as well as on land. This is because swimming makes you rely on your own strength. Swimming is also considered a social activity. Children can interact with other people their age, which promotes healthy competition.

5. Leisure: Swimming is a fun activity! For kids, it provides an opportunity to splash around and for adults and parents, it’s a good time to socialise, while making sure everything is going swimmingly. It can be practiced all year, whether it’s at an indoor pool or an outdoor pool, or on the beach. With all the colourful additions in the form of pool toys and the wading around, children are sure to have a blast.

Swimming is an invaluable skill, and regular sessions in the pool can keep you in great shape. Ensure that your kids get used to swimming from an early age. Most luxury apartments in Bangalore have a swimming pool within the premises, which makes it easy for you and your kids, to spend some time keeping fit. Swim regularly, and see the various health benefits accrued over a period.

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