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It’s important to never indulge in impulse decision-making when you’re making the decision to buy a house. Investing in a house is a decision that must be made after a lot of consideration. Some of the factors you should consider before making the final decision are:

Check out the neighbourhood:
Do not overlook the neighbourhood, especially in cities like Bangalore. Research the crime rates, and if it’s a transient neighbourhood with a high turnover rate. Are there schools and hospitals nearby? It is very difficult to settle into your home if the neighbourhood doesn’t fit your lifestyle. To avoid making such mistakes, spend a lot of time in the neighbourhood. Take a look at the different ways you can reach the house, and the parking space available. How close are the nearest shopping centres? How quiet is the neighbourhood at different times of the day? Is the neighbourhood pet-friendly?

Buy a house that suits you:
Buying the wrong kind of house is easier than you think. You might like the look of a villa in Indiranagar, but later realise that 3BHK flats in Kanakapura Road might not only have been more comfortable, but also close to your workplace. A two-story house might give you a picturesque view, but the family room in the basement might not be ideal after a period of time. You might purchase a home with the laundry room on the terrace, but then feel like it’s a pain to climb up and down so many times. Take a close look at the house and decide if it will work for you and your family. Would you be happier with an eat-in kitchen combined with a den, or would you prefer a separate formal dining room and living room? Look at several home projects before making a wise and informed decision.

Don’t buy a property that’s hard to sell:
Some examples of typical hard-to-sell properties are homes that back up to railway tracks, airports, freeways, industrial factories and similar areas. A common reason that people who purchase hard-to-sell homes use is that they will be able to renovate or fix up the house. However, the amount of money and time spent fixing up the house could have been used to look for a better, more cost-effective house or a better deal. Apartments in Bangalore in residential area are usually a good choice, as they have an impressive resale value.

The smartest way to search for a house is to make a list of all the things you want in a home. Include all the characteristics that will be beneficial for your family. Try to project what your requirements will be five to ten years from now. Don’t let the decorations of the curbs sway you if the floor plan does not meet your requirements. Don’t let an impulsive decision destroy your investment.

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