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Bangalore, the Garden City, is also known as the IT Capital of the country. This interesting dual personality of the city is reflected in its every aspect. Bangalore is both frantic and laid back, serious and funny and its best USP? The amazing climate. It is little wonder, that the city has attracted people from all over. Scores of people now call Bangalore home, and make a living working in various parts of the city. But, did Bangalore always have this vibe? Here are some interesting facts about Bangalore.

1. ‘Bangalored’- This term was coined by the Americans. It denotes the process by which an American worker might be outsourced to India. ‘You’ve been Bangalored’ became popular among expats living in the city.

2. Winston Churchill owes Rs 13 to the Bangalore Club:- Started in 1868 by a group of British Officers, the Bangalore club is considered to be one of the oldest and most elite in the country. A ledger entry found in the book released on its 125th anniversary states that the former UK Prime Minister owes Rs 13, as part of his unpaid dues at the club.

3. Inventors of RavaIdli:- Bangalore faced a rice crisis during World War 2. This made it difficult for MTR to make idlis. So, they replaced rice with semolina, and lo behold! the Rava Idly was born!

4. Malgudi Days: – R.K Narayan’s fictional Malgudi town was named after the areas of old Malleswaram and Basavanagudi. This story has become iconic in its own way.

5. First electrified city: – One of the first cities in India to get hydro-electric power in 1906, a building in City Market area of Bangalore received power for the first time!

6. Pub Capital of India: – The city gets this moniker due to the sheer number of pubs and breweries that have cropped up. The city’s population sure does love its cold brews.

7. Highest number of engineers: – This city has 21 engineering colleges. Bangalore University has another 57 engineering colleges affiliated to it. There are more than a million IT professionals in the city.

8.Biotechnology: – The city serves as the base for nearly 57% of the 265 biotechnology firms in India, including Biocon.

The most interesting and obvious fact about Bangalore, however is the presence of ample amounts of greenery, even in the more crowded parts of the city.Flats in Bangalore usually have a great view of the surrounding foliage in the city’s residential areas.

When it comes to luxury flats, Bangalore has seen an upward trend in their acquisition, over the recent past. The reason being that people are feeling more and more confident, investing in a permanent home in this lovely city. Those who are working here and are looking to live here permanently, should surely check out some real estate properties in Bangalore, and settle on the most feasible and best deal.

You will not only have the chance to make great investment but also get to live in a city known for its fun and layback culture.

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