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As a resident of Bangalore, the widespread problem of plastic pollution must have certainly come to your notice. There isn’t a spot in the city that hasn’t been spoilt by rubbish heaps full of plastic and other kinds of waste. Since the Swatch Bharat scheme, many individuals however have taken up the task to ensure that their corner of the city is clean. Many organisations and voluntary groups have also come forward to help make the city a ‘Garden City’ again. But with busy work lives and hectic schedules, many of us find it difficult to contribute to such initiatives and take an active role in activities. However, if you would like to make a difference and contribute towards conservation of the environment, you could always choose to make your home more eco-friendly. This is a simple and easy thing to do and can even make your house look attractive in the process.

So, if you have been planning to buy a 2 bhk apartment in Bangalore, or even invest in luxury villas in Bangalore, here are a list of eco-friendly products you can use in your house to reduce plastic pollution and resource wastage:

1) Controlled Flow Shower Heads Water is a precious resource we simply cannot afford to waste. It has become a common sight in Bangalore to see people having to buy water from tankers when the ground water supply becomes scarce. Which is why, you can make your home eco-friendly by installing shower heads in your bathroom that give you a controlled flow. Water is wasted when the water flow from your shower head is more than is required.

2) Compostable Cutlery and Plates A lot of plastic waste is generated when you have to buy plastic plates, forks and spoons for those occasional dinner parties or lunch gatherings you have at home. Instead of this, you can choose compostable forks, spoons and vine plates. These are made from recycled paper and therefore are environment friendly. They will help reduce the massive amounts of plastic waste that ultimately finds its way to landfills and even the lakebed of the various lakes in Bangalore.

3) Reusable Shopping Bags You can easily reduce the number of plastic carry bags you get back from the supermarket after grocery shopping. You can even save money by choosing reusable shopping bags instead. There are many varieties of such bags. Some are cloth bags and some are made from recycled paper. You can even use the kind that can be sealed to store your vegetables and fruits to keep them fresh.

4) Non-toxic Cleaners The floor cleaners and toilet cleaners we use contain high levels of toxic chemicals. When this toxic waste finds its way to our lakes and rivers, they pollute our drinking water sources as well. Many of the chemicals contained in these cleaners are carcinogenic and can cause multiple health problems. A healthier alternative would be for you to switch to environment friendly cleaners that are made of natural ingredients. There are many varieties available in the market. This will ensure that you don’t contribute to the toxicity of the water bodies in the city.

There are many other methods by which you make your home eco-friendly. So, when you choose to buy your next home, you can ensure you are contributing towards conservation of the environment.

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