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You’re well settled and the prospect of a brighter future is enough to incite you to fulfill your long cherished aspiration. Which is why ever since you got that much-awaited promotion, you’ve been scouting for a dream abode.

That’s how the world sees it, at least.
?Fact is, you’ve been dreaming of an exclusive address much before you got that promotion. Actually, much before you were even prepared to own one.

Remember, as a kid you made a mental note of an apartment you saw the day you visited your best friend? Subconsciously, you even decided to own one of similar style and stature.

Remember, while riding down with a cousin, you came across an exquisite edifice that caught your attention so much your head turned not once but twice?

Remember, the picture of a bedroom you saw in a random magazine lying on the couch, and said to yourself ‘This is it’?

Remember, the dream living room you spent time or the weekend at a resort where you plunged into the pristine pool to beat the heat and secretly wished to own an apartment with a swimming pool?

Remember indulging in a birthday bash, Sunday afternoon brunch, mid-week discussion and cricket match, at various apartments but with one common feeling: the feeling to own something similar?

That’s what dreams are made of. And that’s what it means when we say a ‘dream apartment’.

Presenting Chartered Hummingbird – apartments in Kanakapura Road, Bangalore. An address where you’ll discover all that you’ve always dreamt of.

Contact us to discover a lifestyle you’ll always cherish. And remember.

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