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The Garden City, as it is popularly known, has seen an upward-trend in growth an investment. International firms have dropped the top dollar in setting up huge offices here, so career opportunities are aplenty. While finding a job may be relatively easy, succeeding at it is tough. And if you have succeeded, there is no better way to celebrate, than to invest in a luxury apartment in Bangalore.

Buying your own house has a lot of advantages.

1. You own, and you don’t owe: Paying rent is a hassle, we are all very welcome to get rid of. Even if you take a home loan, you are paying EMI’s for what will ultimately be yours. In case of a rented house, however, it is nothing more than a financial sink-hole.

2. You have total freedom on interiors: As a tenant, you cannot make changes to your landlord’s house. However, if you own your own home, be as creative as you like, when it comes to interior decoration. Want a fountain in the middle of the living room? Why not!

3. Appreciating property values: The city is always growing, and prices of land and homes are always rising. If you buy an apartment now, and a decade later, for whatever reason, decide to sell it, you will make a tidy profit.

4. Location: Owning a home gives you a broader range of locations to choose from. Now, you can invest in a house not too far away, yet not to close to urban crowds either. Most rental spaces are pre-determined, so location isn’t much of a choice. However, for example, if you are interested in a 3 bhk flat on Kanakapura Road, you will be spoilt for choice due to the number of projects coming up.

5. Peace of mind: There is no price, for ultimate peace of mind. If you are a homeowner, you do not need to worry about issues like electricity, and water, as those will be taken care of before you move into your new house. If you are a homeowner, you don’t need to worry about pesky neighbours complaining about the loud music-it is your house, you do as you please.

Buy a home now and make an investment of a lifetime. Populate it with beautiful showpieces, and fill it with love. Spend priceless countless moments with your family, in an environment that you have built, with your hard work. Be a homeowner in Bangalore.

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