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Bangalore has transformed into India’s Silicon Valley over a short period of time. Technology campuses sprouted all over the city, and the city saw a surge in its working population. Bangalore today is a leading IT hub, with most of the world’s major IT companies headquartered here. Harvard professor, Ed Glaeser referred to Bangalore as the most successful cities in the world today, at par with London, New York and Singapore.

Bangalore’s rapid growth and huge increase in wealth has caused an increase in the quality of life, for some. However, roads experience congestion, with pollution levels within the central parts of the city reaching alarming levels. Bangalore is trying to incorporate new lifestyles, economies and technologies, a difficult process indeed.

The rapid growth of the urban environment has also given rise to an uncontrolled increase in the number of vehicles. Everyone is now driving longer distances, to reach their workplaces. Which has caused an increase in the number of traffic snarls, especially during peak hours in the city. With such rapid urbanisation impacting the city, it becomes important to live in an area that is not exposed to the traffic, pollution and crowd that the core areas face.

Drive down the four-lane mixed corridor elevated highway stretching from Silk Board Junction, and you will reach Electronic City. Opened on 22 Jan 2010, this long expressway is a smooth, one-of-a-kind stretch, allowing commuters from Silk Board to reach Electronic City rather quickly. Electronic City even has its own neighbourhood portal, dedicated to serving its citizens. Well-planned, large, spread-out and organised, Electronic City is an ideal place to live, if you crave some peace and quiet, in a private space, at the end of a long day. The most beautiful luxury residential villas in Bangalore are in and around Electronic City. Large, airy and opulent, these houses are ideal, for you and your family.

Electronic City is home to many restaurants, that serve a wide variety of cuisines. Other amenities, like healthcare and education, are easily accessible as well. This area, with its open stretches, wide roads, and clean air, is sure to provide a comfortable living environment, one that you will come to love. Living in Electronic City comes with its own advantages—there is the obvious space, that you cannot expect if you are living in a prime area in the city. Those who are looking at luxury villas in Electronic City for sale are prudent in moving away from urban areas, in search of some peace and quiet. Add to that the amenities available here, and you have the perfect locality to live in, in the ‘Garden City’.

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