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Like everything else in the world, architectural designs and interiors of houses have been evolving through the ages. From the structure to the shape, the houses we see today display fluid creativity that sets each of them apart. From dizzyingly tall buildings boasting more than 100 floors, to Mughal inspired domes, architecture has always been about individual taste and expression.

But a few trends tend to remain and stick around. Bangalore has for long been not only the IT hub of the country but also home to a curious mix of people from different traditions, cultures and even countries. And this inter-mixing of culture is reflected in the architectural and design trends too. The many experienced real estate developers in Bangalore haven’t hesitated to introduce new designs and structures to the cityscape over the years.

From eco-friendly designs to extremely minimalist designs, here’s a list of design and interior trends that you can consider for your home sweet home:

1) It’s all about space Everybody loves wide open spaces. And that’s exactly what you could have for your home as well. Nowadays, the trend is to have hidden cabinets and storage areas under staircases or beds to free up as much space as possible. With floor length windows and mirrors, the effect of extra space adds a lot of elegance and a sophisticated feel to your home. And as the popular saying goes, your environment contributes a lot to your mood. Open spaces and subtle colours can calm you down and make home a retreat from the pressures of your workplace. Freeing up space also means less clutter and more play area for your children.

2) Go green Sustainability is not only important but the concept has also become very popular. From using plant based materials in construction to building ecologically friendly houses that make optimum use of light, water and other resources, going green with your home is a trend that is here to stay. Homes that have facilities to harvest rainwater and also minimise the need for artificial light during the day are becoming popular. And with an infusion of creativity, these homes look great too!You could also go for a plastic free home by using alternative materials made of bamboo, hemp, coir etc. These are not only strong but also bio degradable once their use is over. This way, not only do you have a home that stands out, but you also contribute towards conservation and protection of the environment.

Flex rooms Gone are the days when rooms were designated for specific purposes. With increasing population levels and the space crunch, architects have incorporated the use of flex rooms. These rooms double up as dining rooms or living areas according to the need of the hour. With foldable dining tables and sofas that double as beds, flex rooms allow you to save a lot of space, money and also add a interesting look to your home.

If you have been planning to invest in luxury apartments in Bangalore, the above three trends could let you experiment with your home and add a touch individuality. The above are the few of the interesting developments in the world of architecture and design that you could replicate in your home without much effort. Go ahead and make sure your home stands out!

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