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Since the beginning of the IT boom, Bangalore has been the go-to city for investors looking for something lucrative. Real estate has grown healthily here, as the capital of Karnataka has seen some huge numbers in migration over the past few decades. While the IT/ITes sector accounts for most of these numbers, it would not be fair to give equal credit to other major industries like banking and finance, biotechnology and manufacturing, for attracting people to this wonderful city.

Home buyers find Bangalore to be the perfect place to settle down and retire. The real estate demand in the city arises majorly from the migrant population.

Since real estate in Bangalore has been stable, seeing a growth rate of 9% to 10%, without any violent fluctuations and crashes, people have had good faith in the markets here. Prices have been stable, and some regions have seen prices rise exponentially, due to the demand for urban development.

In Mumbai, where property prices are some of the highest the world has seen, sees rental yields of 1-3 percent. Bangalore, on the other hand, sees average yields of 2-4 percent. In short, Bangalore has proven to be a less volatile market, with good long-term investment benefits. There is hardly any loss in rental income, and investors are getting even more interested in investing here.

Every area in Bangalore is well equipped, with regards to education infrastructure, shopping, healthcare and other necessities. Areas like Sarjapur and Kanakapura road have emerged as favorite destinations due to the peace and quiet they offer, as well as close proximity to the key business areas of the city.

For both residents and migrants, buying a home in Bangalore is a great investment option. Not only will you recover your amount quickly, you will also be the proud owner of a beautiful property, in a city considered by many to be the best in India.

When you look for houses for sale in Bangalore, you will be amazed at the staggering variety of properties, available across price ranges, for your picking. Starting from budget homes and stretching all the way to premium penthouses, there is something on offer for everyone looking to buy a home here.

Investing in a home in Bangalore, especially in the current real estate environment, would be a great idea. Development does not take too long, so your dream home will be ready in no time at all.

Bangalore has been garnering footfall from investors in the real estate market. Budget homes and luxury housing, both have seen their demand rise over a period of time.

Those looking to establish themselves in the Garden City, would do well to invest in property here. Take advantage of the favorable market conditions, and get yourself a home, where you can make memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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