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There comes a time in life when you refrain from taking a firm decision. Of all the things that perplex you, the most significant one is when you’re sitting on the see-saw called ‘home’; on one side is the probability of being an owner and on the other the possibility of continuing as a tenant.

You wish to take the leap but give it a second thought. You wonder whether the time is right. You ask yourself, is the location alright? You even procrastinate by saying ‘may be later’. Fact is, you have to make a choice. And to make one, you have to be informed.
Here are a few factors that’ll help you make a choice, a right one at that.

EXORBITANT RENT: Buying a home is about paying EMIs. We agree. But look at it this way – paying EMIs or paying exorbitant rents, they’re the same. But by paying EMIs you’re at least getting the benefit of ownership. Another motivating factor to go for ownership is to be aware that rents are never going to come down.

PROPERTY OPTIONS: Bangalore has seen a wave of change and will continue to. What’s in store for you now is clear – plenty of properties in various locations to choose from. Which means, choosing a home that suits your taste, budget and family requirements, is possible. Question is, will it be possible a few years down the line?

FINANCE: As of today, there are many options to choose form when it comes to finance. Not just that, the flexibility most financial institutions offer is also worth considering. Explore the interest rates, opt for flexible duration or just go for a better option…well you have the choice.

HOUSE VS HOME: Living in a rented house never gives you the opportunity to look at a home from a ‘owner perspective’. On the other hand, when you buy a home, you consider many things. Like working on the interiors. Bringing in some paintings. Some artifacts. And a lot more. It nice to turn four walls in a place of your own. Something that happens only when you own one.

INVESTMENT: Consider this. You’re paying your EMIs and they’re coming back to you in the form of a beautiful home. Not the case when you’re paying rents. Owning a home is an investment and seriously is worth considering.

A BRIGHT FUTURE: You kids will thank you. So will your parents. Buying a home is making life easy and wonderful for you and for those who are a part of you.
Wish to own a home? Now is the time.

As for the locale and property, we believe a 3 BHK apartment in Kanakapura, Bangalore would be ideal, in every way.

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