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Bengaluru is one of the best places to settle down. If you are already here, you know why. Beautiful, long boulevards lined with lush, greenery, vast parks and natural expanses to fill your lungs with fresh air, trendy restaurants to dine in, and huge malls to shop.

Bengaluru is, thankfully, not as expensive as other Indian cities like Delhi and Mumbai. Bengaluru is the only city that allows you to live comfortably, provided you work well and respect the culture.

Well, as a young professional moving up the corporate ladder, one of the benchmarks of success is home ownership. Buying your own home cements your place here. It means you are interested and serious about it. It shows you have goals, which you follow up and update regularly. Being a homeowner is an exciting proposition. From choosing places, deciding based on numerous factors which one is best for you, to finally choosing developers and companies you want to go with, to actually going and seeing the site. Buying a house or a plot, is truly an adventure, one that many dive head-first into.

Residential plots in Bangalore are dime-a-dozen, but what matters is choosing the right one. Choose wrongly, and you might be either too far from important places, or too close to congestion. Choose correctly, and you could be the proud owner of a plot, or a house, that everyone wants!

Choosing residential plots in Bangalore is not easy. Cost, proximity, amenities, appreciation value, everything needs to be taken into account. Where do you invest? How much do you invest? Fortunately, while there seem to be many confusing choices, it is easy to narrow down to the sensible ones, using a deductive approach.

If you do not want to live too close to congested areas, yet want proximity, your choices are narrowed down to great locations. From various plots in Nelamangala to residential plots in Bangalore, in adjoining areas, you have great options.

Nelamangala, has the distinction and convenience, of being ideally located so as to facilitate travel anywhere. If you want to go to the main central business district, it isn’t too far away. If you want to head out to a resort somewhere away from urban confines, you are just an hour’s drive away from amazing places full of natural beauty.

Residential plots in Nelamangala are great for both investment reasons, or even if you want to live there yourself, after building a house. Plots are advantageous, as you own the land and the subsequent building on it. Residential plots in Nelamangala are also surrounded by lush greenery, so you will never feel as if you are living in a stuffy urban environment. With soft, cool winds wafting by, the soothing calls of various birds in the huge leafy trees and the greenery as far as the eyes can see, residential plots in Nelamangala, are the epitome of conveniently living in Nature’s Lap.

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