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In a rapidly growing city like Bangalore, affording a large living space can be quite expensive. Individual housing units and villa prices are generally steep, which is why most people decide to invest in an apartment. While apartments in Bangalore offer a lot of benefits with modern amenities like gym, club house and a swimming pool, space can still be a problem. Living in an apartment can become quite cumbersome when you have family visiting or guests staying overnight.

But, there is a way you can solve this problem with the use of creative interiors. With the space crunch affecting almost every city, interior decorators and real estate developers alike are finding innovative ways to make use of every little space available and ensure that even a small apartment can comfortably accommodate a family.
Here are 3 useful ways you can manage the space in your apartment and also ensure it looks beautiful!

1. Compartmentalisation:
Dividing your home into compartments is a useful way to increase existing space. Use platform beds that conceal storage space. You can let the dining area double up as a reading corner by ensuring the table is foldable. Add waist length walls to separate spaces and decorate the edges with small pots or other artefacts that add style and a homely touch to the space. Use glass walls and divide a living room to accommodate an extra space that could be used as a study or for any other purpose. Using glass walls allows light to flow across the home and also creates the illusion of extra space.

2. Extending into the Balcony:
Another very creative way to expand the size of your living room is to break down the walls separating the balcony. Allow your living room to extend into the balcony and add more space to your home. This allows a lot of natural light to filter into your home and also lets you enjoy a beautiful view from the couch. You could also use the balcony space in your bedroom to create another space that could used as a dressing room or an extra closet with floor to ceiling windows. This space could even double up as a study or a reading corner with the addition of ledges.

3. Smart furniture choices:
Choosing the right kind of furniture for you apartment is the easiest way to conserve space. Go for horizontal shelves that make use of the vertical space. Don’t buy bulky sofas or chairs that take up a lot of space. Invest in sofas that can be converted into a bed for a guest staying overnight and choose furniture that with exposed legs. This ensures that every inch of your apartment allows light to flow easily and also creates the illusion of more space. Not to mention this also that ensures cleaning under furniture will not be a hassle.

With these three easy steps, make maximum use of the space in your apartment and put it into optimal use! Consult with your real estate developer in Bangalore and make sure your new home is stylish and at the same time designed in a way that makes optimal use of space.

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