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Owning a home is an important decision to make. What’s equally important is to decide what type of home does your family deserve? And after a careful understanding of your finances, situation, family requirements and dreams, you may decide to go for an apartment, villa or a plot. But that’s not it, especially if you choose to own an apartment. As the next question that arises is ‘whether to go for a 3BHK apartment or not?’

If it’s two families (including your parents or siblings) and kids, and there are funds to invest in, then there’s no debate here. Go for a 3BHK. But if you’re a nuclear family with one or two kids and not very sure of investing that extra money in the third bedroom, you need to look at things a little more closely and get some perspective. Reason why we’re listing the key pros and cons of owning a 3BHK.


Good investment and returns:
A three-bedroom house might turn out to be a little expensive now. But if you look at it in the long run, the returns will be much more than the additional investment you’ve made. For instance, if you’ve invested an additional 20 lakhs, the returns would be much more. So yes, in comparison to a 2BHK, a 3BHK offers higher returns.

More space:
Space is a factor that we all crave for, all the time. Open space at home is something everyone dreams of. With a 3BHK, you can be assured of having more space for yourself and your family.

Privacy for kids:
If you have more than one kid, and the kids are growing up, it’s not a bad idea to give them their own space to do their own thing. That’s the first step to teaching them how to live independently. Moreover, kids who live in separate bedrooms are likely to bond stronger and better than kids living in the same room.

No compromises:
A relative coming over to stay during summer, a function that has many guests visiting you or your parents wanting to meet you after a long time, there’ll be no compromises with space and privacy – that’s the biggest benefit of living a 3BHK. You get to live in peace, and so do your loved ones.


Financial burden:
Initially it may seem like a few more lakhs, but if you’ve invested more despite a financial crunch you might be in for some trouble. Also, your other commitments could take a hit just because you invested that extra money here.

Unwanted space:
If you’re a nuclear family with one kid or even two, and don’t expect many people coming over to meet you or stay with you, then the third bedroom is nothing but unwanted space for which you paid a lot of money. And continue to pay as EMIs.

You either require a third bedroom or don’t. There’s no dilemma here and you have to make sure that there’ll never be. Because buying on an impulse and then hoping to sell the home is a definite no-no. It’s not easy to sell a home without bearing a loss. Make sure you are sure about what you need.

Whether you are investing in apartments or villas, make sure you do your research thoroughly. Invest in an area or location that is slated for major development projects like the addition of a Metro line or a flyover connecting to other areas. 3BHK flats on Kanakapura road for example, are especially popular now because it’s one of the most promising locales with an unprecedented return on investment.

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