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However, what makes the experience of buying a home different from other first-time experiences is that you cannot afford to make even the slightest error. Or the silliest. Simply because the damage caused due to negligence or a lackadaisical attitude could be more than what you imagined. And could be more than just financial, as the experience can leave a negative impact, for life.
While there are many aspects you need to scrutinise before signing on the dotted line or getting those house-warming cards printed, there’s a list of things you must consider. Here are a few important ones you cannot afford to miss:

1) The Right Choice
It’s extremely important to know everything about the property you are considering buying. Equally important to know about the builder who you intend to buy the property from. Don’t let your heart takeover your head. Instead do your research on the credibility of the builder, projects handled, delivery period, etc., after you find the property you wish to own. Just make sure you dot the i’s and cross the t’s, no matter what.

2) Legally Right
The home you choose might have everything. A balcony with a vantage point, ventilation from all sides, good quality construction and aesthetics, ample car parking and what not. But, thequestion is does it have the required approvals? BDA? BBMP? What about the Occupancy Certificate? There’s a lot more. Know about the required approvals and documents that’ll help you live peacefully in a home you’ve always dreamt of. Leave nothing to fate.

3) Financial Understanding
Be aware of your current situation. For example, if you are planning to invest in a villa in Bangalore, know whether you can afford it or not. A chat with financial institutions could either work well or go wrong. Just remember, out there everything is available and you need to choose what’s best for you. Opt for a housing loan that comes with lesser interest rate, longer duration, easy EMIs and peace of mind. Don’t stretch even if you are tempted to!

4) Be Practical
An apartment in Bangalore that’s close to the main road, but not on the main road. All approvals in place but just one approval pending. The elevator will be installed soon after you move in. What you see in the brochure is what you’ll get when you move in. It’s just 20 lakhs more and can be paid with easy EMIs.

Yes, you’ll hear all of this and more. When you do, remind yourself not to stray or fall for any of it. Stick to your plan and make a wise choice.
Home buying is one of the most important decisions of your life. Therefore, it goes without saying that you must invest all that you can, to expect the right returns. Be it investment of time, money, energy, research or understanding.

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