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Owning a home of your own is a cherished dream for most of us. The home comes to symbolise all the hard work and sacrifices you would have made over the years. This is more so when it comes to buying an apartment in Bangalore because you are usually spoilt for choice with a apartments being built in every corner of the city.

And this does not seem to be a trend that is going to die down soon. With the slump in real estate prices after demonetisation, the time is just right if you have been planning to invest in2/3 bhk flats in Bangalore. Read our previous blogs to know everything you will need to keep ready before you jump into the long process of buying a home for yourself in Bangalore.
But, if you have set your eyes on an apartment you’d like to buy, you can start thinking about decor while the paperwork and other formalities get settled. This usually takes a lot of time.You have spent years dreaming about the ideal home and when it’s finally coming true, you shouldn’t hold back on the decor. The way your house looks has a major psychological impact on you and your family. You wouldn’t like to walk into a home that does not feel right to you, would you?
So here are few tips to decorate your home in the best way possible!

1) Colour is everything
The colour of the paint you choose is going to have a long lasting impact on the way your home is going to look. Go for a bold colour in areas that stand out and compliment those areas with soft colours in the rest of your house. For example, one side wall could be painted a bold colour and you could hang your pictures and other decorative items there.
Don’t go for the standard pale hues that you are normally used to seeing. These colours fade after a while and also have the tendency to show up dust, dirt or even fingerprints. White and other common colours are to be avoided especially if you have kids.

2) Furniture worries
If you already own a lot of furniture and you don’t have plans of buying new pieces, you could choose to give your old ones a new coat of paint. Go for colours that suit the walls of your new home. This simple step could add a lot of freshness to your home. For example, painting your dining table a woodsy and bold red would make it look brand new.
Also choose to invest in mirrors and place them opposite natural light sources. They brighten up the room by reflecting natural light and create the illusion of more space than there actually is.

3) Dress up your windows 
Windows are a very important feature of your home. Don’t go for the standard curtains and blinds. Add a splash of colour or go for fringed curtains that create a luxurious look. You could also place vases or small potted plants to create a more natural appeal. There are many interesting bits of furniture available at markets for cheap prices. You could hang wind chimes or place decorative objects around the window frame to add a personalised look.

4) It’s all about the light
Lighting is another detail you cannot afford to forget. Even if you cannot change the way the overhead fixtures are placed, you cam add to your collection of floor and table lamps. Table lamps placed near the bedside or corner tables in the living room can soften and brighten your homes. You could even invest in a beautiful chandelier that hangs in the middle of the living room or above your dining table. Beautifully made lights like these or funky looking decorative light can add that personalised touch to your home.

These are just four key areas that you shouldn’t miss looking into if you want to realise that dream home. Go shopping and explore different markets and little curiosity shops. You’ll never know what treasures are hidden in plain sight!

But you must also make sure that you choose from reputable real estate developers in Bangalore who design homes keeping aesthetic design principles in mind. A well planned home will naturally look better and with a little colour and furniture, your home could look much better than you could have imagined!

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