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If you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking of moving out from your current city. Or, even if relocation isn’t on your mind yet, we’re sure you’ll be considering it by the time you finish reading this. It’s a great life experience to live in a new city. You are hundreds of kilometres away from home, and in some cases, even thousands. But, distance isn’t the only thing that separates you from your hometown. The culture, language, weather, people, customs, traditions, food, etc., all these things are starkly different from what you may be used to, back in your own city. Yet, the importance of taking such a step, is only growing as we move ahead in the 21st century’s multicultural, plural society.

Bangalore, a beautiful city in the state of Karnataka, has been a favourite of many Indians and foreign nationals for over a decade now. It’s unpredictable but pleasant, partly cloudy-rainy weather rarely fails to win hearts of people who visit this megacity in the making. Apart from that, the IT sector in Bangalore is the biggest in the country, giving the city its nickname, ‘Silicon Valley of India’. While IT remains the foremost job provider in the city, other sectors like advertising, media, telecom, infrastructure, retail, etc., are catching up with a fair pace. And this emergence of industries demands the city to expand its limits, to which Bangalore is responding gradually, if not promptly. However, Bangalore comes a close second to Mumbai, competing with Delhi for being the preferred city for India’s working class.

Once you land a favourable job, setting up your home and travel is quite interesting. Bangalore’s housing sees the absence of skyscrapers or tall apartments, at least in the main city. The old colonial residential style is still pretty common among the residents. Bungalows and medium sized apartments offer accommodation that is not the cheapest in the country, but definitely cheaper than most of the city’s northern counterparts. Whereas the new property sector in the peripheral areas of Bangalore like Whitefield, Electronic City, Yelahanka, Hebbal, etc., have a growing number of modern apartments for rent that are huge and have all the modern amenities. There are a lot of newly developed luxury residential villas in Bangalore, while renting out apartments or houses is the preferred option for the working class, you can find some really beautiful luxury villas in Electronic City for sale as well. Investing in real estate in Bangalore will definitely prove to be a smart financial move in the near future. Traveling in Bangalore requires one to have their own vehicle. As the public transport is not very convenient and falls short in providing comprehensive intracity travel.

Bangalore was also once the city with the most number of bars in Asia. And this feat is enough to be sure that the after work fun in the city will never stop, and you won’t run out of options to eat and drink. So, if you’re thinking of moving to this beautiful city, you should waste no time and start looking for a job and a house. Rest assured, it won’t disappoint you.

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