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Flip the pages of a magazine, set your sights on billboards while commuting or do a quick research on the web and you’re sure to discover a plethora of advertisements selling villas, especially if it’s Bangalore. The city was the epicentre of the real estate boom and that quite explains why we have an abundance of choice today.

Truth be told, the abundance is more of a bane than boon. Simply because with so many villas projects surfacing in the blink of a eye, it becomes difficult for a potential investor like you to really judge which one is worth the investment? Which is why it’s is advisable to run a checklist. This helps ensure whether your investment is worth your time, money and effort.
Here’s what you must consider when choosing among luxury villas in Bangalore, or should we say in the beautiful city of gardens.

1) Brand:
This is no revelation. It’s a given that a project is as good as the brand behind it. So do your research on the brand, legacy and projects it has developed so far. A brand that’s been around for long is a brand that has gained the attention of people and is doing well. Moreover, time speaks volumes when it comes to value and trust.

2) Location:
What you buy is as important as where you buy it. Yes, location does matter when it comes to buying a home. Understand the current geographical scenario of the location you intend to invest in, know the possibilities, do a assessment on the possible growth and then invest. It’s the location that helps in appreciation of the property, in the long run. Also a great location makes for easy living, on a day to day basis.

3) Quality of construction:
Seeing is believing and this holds true especially with homes. It’s of prime importance that the home you’re investing in has the best of quality in every square inch. Reason being good quality homes improve the quality of your life. And it’s the little things that make a difference when it comes to a home; be it the doors and knobs, bathroom fittings or even the quality of tiles. Make sure you invest in the best.

4) Return on investment:
What you get as returns for the money invested in a home is important. For return on investment could also mean the happiness you get through convenience, quality and surroundings, to name a few. So look at it from every angle before you put your money.

5) Market scenario:
Understand the market situation to get the best returns for your investment. Also, make sure you invest not just in the right brand or property but also at the right time. As you may know, multiple factors come together to give you the best returns on your investment , especially if’s a villa that you are opting for.

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