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Life is full of choices and everything depends on what you choose. Right from your birth, you’re given a plethora of choices. Be it what you wear, where you study, what kind of friends you make, what degree you pursue, who you marry… so on and so forth. It goes without saying that the journey of choices continues till the end. While it’s important to make the right choice at every phase of life, there are a few times when you have to be extra careful. Because, sometimes you’re taking a decision that could change the way you lead your entire life.

One such decision is buying a home in Bangalore. Fortunately, here too you have a choice. There are many points to consider before buying a home – the builder, the locale, the space, the price, neighbours, paperwork, approvals, quality, etc. And this is something everyone goes through. But before all of this, there’s something you need to think about and that is what kind of home do you and your family want to live in, for the rest of your lives.

Here’s where the three kinds of homes come into the picture.

Villas: If your idea of a future with your family is coming back to a place that spells luxury, space and comfort, then there’s no better place than a villa to come back to. Replete with features, facilities and amenities, villas offer space for almost everything. Add to it, privacy, personal parking and complete ownership of the property. There’s a lot that goes in favour of villas. If you have the budget and wish to live a life that’s a class apart, go for a villa.

Apartments: Hate living alone? Need a community that you can call your own? Want to live in the heart of the city yet with ample open space and greenery? Well, you must consider living in an apartment complex. Not as expensive as villas, residential apartments in Bangalore do offer a host of facilities – both 2 and 3 BHK apartments. Add to it, the security and the idea of living within a community. If you want to live with like-minded people and be part of a community, there’s nothing like investing in an apartment.

Plots: Not sure if you want to live in an apartment or a villa? Not sure if you want to live in the city or not, considering your job? Well, go for plots then. It works in every case. Simply because, you can build what you wish. And if you do not want to build a home and live in the city, then plots are probably the easiest investment to sell. Add to it, the demand for plots in the last few years has increased. Should we even mention the appreciation value?

To choose what’s right for you and your family when it comes to a home as well as an investment, you now know where to start!

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