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Even after the slight economic slowdown due to the demonetisation move, Bangalore remains to be the top choice for buyers and investors in real estate. Being the IT hub of the country, you can expect Bangalore to be first on the list of the Indian realty market for a long time.
Here are a few reasons that make Bangalore a great place to invest in.

1. Apart from being ‘the Silicon Valley of India, another major attraction in Bangalore is the number of private colleges for engineering, medicine and other streams. Because of this the city witnesses a steady flow of students from other states and even other countries, to study in the colleges here. With lots of amenities like malls, theatres and eateries, Bangalore will continue to attract students from all over India and the world.

2. The culture of the city is also an easy-going and vibrant one that makes for the ideal place to study, work or retire.

3. The city is also called the ‘retirement city’ because of the mild to pleasant weather throughout the year.

This in turn ensures that there is always a demand for villas, plots or flats in Bangalore. But, for the majority of the middle and upper-middle class segments in the city, luxury apartments have always been the first choice. Apartments in Bangalore offer a lot of benefits, starting from a convenient location and other facilities like gym, swimming pool and party hall.

This is why investing in a flat in Bangalore could be a very smart move. The real estate scenario in the city has proven to be a stable market, especially for long time investors.

The popular property portal, also vouches for the realty market in Bangalore saying that in the course of one single year, the number of unsold units in Bangalore came down from 84,000 to 4,500. This being said, the high number of migrations to the city ensure that finding a tenant or even a buyer is not going to take time. This way, your investment could give you steady returns for a lifetime in the form of rent.

A word of caution though, always invest with known developers who have a good standing in the sector. Read our other blogs for information on all the steps you need to take before deciding to buy a property. Also do research on the area you have decided to invest in. Investing in the right area could make a lot of difference because certain areas could offer better returns. Areas that are close to the international airport or other major locations will always attract more buyers and the property also will appreciate with time.

Because of these reasons and more, investing in a flat in Bangalore might be a very smart move. Don’t wait for long because the prices are slated only to climb higher in the coming year.

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