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Sounds great already, doesn’t it? Even if you haven’t thought about it, the very mention of living in a villa is sure to invoke a series of imaginative visuals in your mind of you walking up the patio, sipping a cup of hot tea while the morning sun bathes you in light. Well, right now, it might be nothing more than just a daydream, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it cannot be fulfilled. Even more so, if you’re living in Bangalore.

Built for absolute luxury, the presence of some of the best villa projects in Bangalore doesn’t surprise us, as the city has retained its identity of being the garden city of India quite well. 3 BHK and 4 BHK villas in Electronic City, particularly, garner tremendous attention of buyers, investors, browsers, and dreamers alike. The reason being an isolated, yet very well connected neighbourhood that is sprawling with shops, restaurants, and malls. Additionally, Electronic City is also one of the few places that are so densely populated with some of the top IT organisations in the world. But, going back to the dream, it sure is a fantastic experience living in a villa, and the following reasons prove that.

To begin with, a villa offers freedom and independence in the true sense of the word. There are no conditions applied when a developer promises complete freedom and ownership of the space. As is the case with apartments and flats where the common amenities, although, are open for all to use, there are limitations such as timing, ID, etc. This single most benefit is a deal breaker for people who prefer, or even insist on having their space to only and only to themselves. Secondly, owning a villa goes just beyond the freedom to do things the way you please. The fact that you own not just the house, but also the space around the house means you can design and decorate it the way you want to. This is nearly impossible in an apartment, where you have limited control over the design and decor of your house. With a villa, you can build an outdoor shelter for your dog, or have a swing attached to the tree. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Furthermore, other benefits of owning a villa are great investment returns in the future, a large space for your kids to indulge in activities, living amidst greenery, etc.

All this is possible, especially in a city like Bangalore. As opposed to a city like Mumbai where the opportunities for work are great, but lifestyle takes a backseat due to the absence of empty spaces, sky-high real estate rates, etc. Whereas in Bangalore, you can find great work opportunities, and also live the lifestyle you want.

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