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Once education gets over, and you enter the real world, fun and games stop. Suddenly, it is all about responsibilities. You start making life-choices after more thought. You take a little extra time before deciding on something because you have learnt how to gauge the long-term impact of your actions.

The 20’s are an exciting time for any individual. The 20’s are a time to grow, learn, explore and above all, work hard. It is a time to build a strong foundation so you can enjoy your 30’s and 40’s. Which is why, many young people in their 20’s, want to start investing, so they can enjoy good returns when they grow older.

Well, real-estate has always been a favourite area of investment. People want to find the best real estate developer in Bangalore, and find a good deal for themselves. There are those people who prefer buying an apartment, or those people who buy luxury flats in Bangalore. And then there are those people who prefer to buy plots, rather than built-up houses.

Why would people invest in a plot? Isn’t a house better than a plot? There are various reasons, why people prefer plots over houses, and why the former makes for an excellent investment option, especially when you are in your 20s.

A plot has no fixed structure:
Usually, houses are fully built up. If you buy a house, you are buying a set template. However, plots don’t have any construction on them, so you can choose what you want to get built on your dream plot.

Higher resale value:
If you have a plot, and build a house on it, you are the owner of the house and the plot of land. In contrast, apartment owners only own the apartment. So, those who are looking for independent houses, will make a beeline for your offer.

Appreciating costs:
While the prices of apartments may fall, the cost of land will not. The value of land is quite high, and stable, and will not affect your investment negatively.

Most importantly, those who own plots have complete flexibility, as to how they want their dream house built. In contrast to apartment-owners, plot-owners have better creative flexibility, they can decide on the number of floors their houses have, the size of each room, etc. In contrast, an apartment owner will buy a full-apartment, a set template where very little alterations can be carried out.

So, if you are a young professional in your 20’s, and are looking to secure your future, do explore the options of both buying luxury flats in Bangalore, or plots. Make sure that you do thorough research, regarding the different real-estate developers in Bangalore before investing so you get the best deal for your hard-earned money!

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