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Many buyers ignore vetting all the property documents before closing the deal with the seller. Many are not even aware of the list of documents you need to possess before buying a fully furnished apartment or a plot of land. Ignoring the fine print called ‘Terms and Conditions’ could cost you more than just money. It could cost you your peace of mind.

So avoid making hasty decisions when it comes to buying an apartment and you will save yourself some heartache. Here’s a list of the most important documents you will need to check before buying an apartments in Bangalore.

1) The Sale Deed
The Sale Deed is the proof of the sale and transfer of ownership of the property from the seller to you. Before executing a Sale Deed, check for any pending encumbrance charges, and any other statutory payments like proper tax or electricity charges. Only once you get this done, get the Sale Deed registered.

2) Building Approval Document
This is the approval and go ahead sanctioned by the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) or the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) and other development authorities like the BMRDA etc. All real estate developers in Bangalore must have all these documents in place. Since every building must follow a set of building plan approval, you have to ensure that the property you are investing is authorised and completely legal.

3) Conversion Certificate
In the state of Karnataka, vast amount of land is classified as for agricultural use. So make sure your builder has a conversion certificate if the land has been converted to non-agricultural use. You will need an RTC extract which is given by the village accountant to procure the Conversion Certificate and it must have other details like inheritance certificate, mutation certificates etc.

4) Khata Certificate and Khata Extract
The word ‘Khata’ means account and this document is the account of a property owner. These documents are mandatorily required before you can register the property under your name. The Khata Extract requires you to simply obtain the property details from an assessment registrar.

5) Completion Certificate
If you are buying an apartment from a finished property, ask for the completion certificate which states that the authorities have examined the property and confirmed that it has been according to the approved building plan. This document is specially important if you have to apply for a home loan.

While this is not an exhaustive list of the documents you will need to check and keep in order before buying a property, this list does give you a fair idea of what to pay attention to. It is important that you check and re-check every single line in your property agreements so that you avoid any unpleasantness later. While you can yourself do the vetting of the documents, you can also appoint a property lawyer to give professional advice too! This just ensures that your journey to your dream home, whether they are flats in Bangalore or elsewhere in India, it’s smooth and without difficulties!

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