CSR Activities

Our contributions cannot be confined to a particular category or cause. We have focused on society as a whole and are doing what little we can to make the world a better place. Take a look at our other endeavours below:
Miscellaneous No. Of Beneficiaries Direct / Through NGO NGO / Organisation
Pension To Disabled Handful Direct
Creche For Construction Labour Children Hundreds Direct
Natural Calamities Like Flood, Earthquake etc As Per Need Direct
Support To Youth Development Programmes Hundreds NGO Rashtriya Seva Bharati (HSP)
Support To Woman Empowerment & Welfare Programmes Hundreds NGO HSP & Mahila Dakshata Samiti
Support To Schools During Celebrations Say Independence Day etc A Few NGO Sevashram, Alva Education Foundation
Support To Local Dialects Language / Culture NGO Tulu Adhyayana Kendra
Helping Hand To The Senior Citizens Hundreds NGO Little Sisters etc
Support To Training Of Sevavritis (Hindu Missionaries) Dozens NGO HSP
Temples Several Direct
Welfare Of Street Children Hundreds NGO Bornfree School
Support To Spiritual Pursuit NGO Ramakrishna Vivekananda Ashram, Shakti Veda Wellness
Support To Tribals Hundreds NGO Vanavasi Kalyana (HSP)
Sports No. Of Beneficiaries Direct / Through NGO NGO / Organisation
Support To Polio Affected Athlete For Participation In Para Olympics & Go Carting etc A Few Direct
Roads No. Of Beneficiaries Direct / Through NGO NGO / Organisation
Roads – 4 Roads – Nearly 4 kms Residents Direct Albert Street, Rathna Avenue, Gubbalala, Uttarahally
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